Holiday Magazine N°384, The Egypt Issue

Holiday Magazine N°384, The Egypt Issue

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After a journey to New Zealand, Holiday magazine heads to Egypt. Photographers Bruce Weber, Matthieu Salvaing, Nigel Shafran, Jamie Hawkesworth and Olivier Kervern deliver their visions of the gift of the Nile, while Drew Vickers and Karim Sadli capture the very Egyptian grace of Imaan Hammam and Tamino, respectively. 

On the writing front, novelist Emmanuelle Bayamack-Tam pens her rosy impressions of a trip to Cairo, Salma Islam dives into its infamous traffic, Philippe Azoury enters the world of Omar Sharif, Marie Eugène tell us about the mysterious life of Umm Kulthum, Addison Nugent remembers the one and only King Farouk, and Josyane Savigneau has a long, delightful and erudite talk with French writer Philippe Sollers.

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