Anouk Albertini Sculpture

Anouk Albertini Sculpture


500,00 euros

Esemble, is a work on forms which interlock, unite, respect each other. They exist through the relationship they exert among themselves. Projections of curves and shadows that meet in quest of balance.

Birth of forms.

They are born by direct work with the Earth, living matter and sensual, guided by its touching touch. She is flexible and lets herself work endlessly

Nature of the forms

They are Couples The 2 is the exchange, without the other 'we do not exist, and even if on collides, on a need of the other to be to build.These are groups that hold together to form a whole. Solid and compact.


The clay is cooked in a 1200 ° oven, then patinated with wax and pigments natural, or enamelled, respecting the natural colors of the earth. The stone is white like silence, it is patinated by the traces of time. I choose it to be tender so that I can look for curves in its strength.


The work stems from a search for balance, sweetness, of harmony, in the greatest simplicity of means.

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